About Us

Brwarner Studios develops story driven games set in Canada's near and far future focused on people and the positions in society they inhabit. Previously developed We're All Going to Die, and is working on more visual novel-like experiences such as The Pale Beyond Us and Grofast Industries.

We are a member of Invisible Locomotive, a video game collective in Canada.

We sometimes feature on Games You'll Soon Play, a podcast about videogames.

Current Games

Grofast Industries

Status: In Production

After witnessing the death of her coworker, Jennifer Holdings finds herself trapped choosing between an enchroaching union and the worker elected Board of Directors in what was once Canada's greatest employee owned Detrium mill in 2042.

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In A Flash

Status: Released

Almost three decades after the legalization of prostitution in Canada, sex work remains a contentious issue. Elizabeth Boldan, a woman who left the industry just a year ago after the dissolution of her engagement, works as an independent private investigator out of Toronto. On March 21, 2042 she is called up to the small rural town of Brenford, Ontario by a frantic husband and his lawyer.

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We're All Going to Die

Status: Released

Days after dropping the largest nuclear ordinance in recorded human history, the crew of the SS Sigrun struggle to cope with the weight of their actions. One lone engineer, though, finds herself trapped in a time loop desperate to escape being forced to witness her own crew's death over, and over, and over, and over, and-

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